As Yiğit Group Otomotiv, we serve with a variety of nearly 5000 products and 81. We meet all the auto accessory needs of our more than 800 happy dealer network. We carry out wholesale sales to all our dealers on our B2B platform with our constantly renewed and strong stocks. If you also want to join our wholesale network, you can reach us our contact information or enter the approval process by creating a new membership at www.b2b.yigitoto.com. On our B2B platform, you can see all our products, search for products, ask for stocks, see prices, and buy products with installment options with your credit card. You can download the Yiğit Otomotiv B2B application to your phone for a more comfortable shopping experience.
We are constantly updating and expanding our stocks as the authorized sales dealer of the local Sahler brand, which is known as 4.5 D and has a high level of wall thickness and quality. Since Sahler 4.5 D pool mats are specially produced for each vehicle, they do not cause incompatibility problems. In wholesale car mat sales, we also have different brand mats that are universal, that is, compatible with every vehicle.
As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we have presented our 4D mats, which are our own brand, manufactured the highest quality materials in the healthiest conditions and specially designed for each vehicle, and our universal mats that are suitable for every vehicle. You can get the mats you want in the fastest and safest way by communicating with us.
We serve our customers with our trademark Kingstar, which is registered in wholesale auto accessories. Kingstar auto accessories are produced in optimum conditions as a price / performance product for the domestic and foreign markets and there is no compromise on quality. Try out Kingstar auto accessories right away with an affordable price guarantee. You can contact us for the most popular products and buy the product group you want. One of the most popular products, Kingstar Led Xenon Diamond X-Edition, Kingstar Led Xenon C-Series and Kingstar Led Xenon Ice Blue have zero failure rate and are open to wholesale service. The biggest difference of our Kingstar brand led xenon products compared to their counterparts is that the response time is faster than the others and the color you choose shows itself clearly. Another reason why these products are very popular is the price / performance issue seen with high efficiency. You can contact us to wholesale our Kingstar brand led xenon product group, which we are sure that you will get a lot of efficiency despite the affordable price and you will be satisfied. The most important product group for your vehicle is maintenance products. Kingstar Turkey's renovated with unique formulations and diluted construction, car maintenance is no longer time-consuming and takes a growing case review. From microfiber cloths and towels to tar, insect and resin cleaners, window cleaners and preservatives to air conditioner cleaners, you can make wholesale purchases by clicking the link en.yigitoto.com/iletisim/ for all kinds of interior, exterior and engine care products that a car may need. You can buy all interior and exterior accessory product groups wholesale.

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