What is Chip Tuning, the New Curiosity of Car Fans?

 One of the tasks of the operating system of the chip tuning, which is made to increase the functionality and performance of automobiles, is to adjust the injection timing of the fuel injectors and to make the required air-fuel combination ready. The objectives of the operating system, car manufacturers, are to ensure fuel economy, to minimize the harmful substances the exhaust as much as possible and to ensure the durability of the engine. So the engine produces slightly less than the maximum power it can produce. chip tuning applications may differ. For example, some Japanese cars such as Toyota and Subaru have an application called icon instead of chip tuning. The operating system of Ford's Zetec engine can only be intervened with a module base. The most important disadvantage of chip tuning is that it shortens the life of the engine by one measure. In addition, it is possible to increase the fuel consumption at high revolutions. So how can we briefly answer the question of how to do chip tuning? The original map of the vehicle is created. Necessary editing operations are carried out on this map. Afterwards, the car is loaded to increase power. This process consists of graphic editing under the name of software. Apart this, it is not very correct to provide this process with another device. There is a possibility that a malfunction lamp is illuminated on the vehicle. However, when there is a possible problem in cars with an ongoing warranty, the product of a good brand can be used in order not to take risks.

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