Tire and Rim

Wheels are one of the most important elements that show the style of cars. Perhaps the parts most affected by external factors are the wheels. If you do not care, it darkens and keeps stains. If you apply the care and maintenance products Kingstar Turkey always has a glossy finish. With tire inscriptions, you can customize your vehicle and reflect your own style on your vehicle. If you want to provide our Kingstar Tire and Rim products that are much more affordable than other products on the market in terms of price, you can benefit our after-sales services, not just pre-sales. Take a look below to get information about some of our Kingstar Tire and Rim products that we offer as Yiğit Auto Accesory.


Kingstar Tire Cleaner / Polisher Spray

Kingstar Tire Cleaning / Polishing Spray is 500 mL and does not contain acid. It not only dissolves the lining dust, dirt and rust accumulated on your car rims; provides shine. If you want to wholesale Kingstar Tire Shine Spray, you can contact us. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we also have after-sales service.


Kingstar Tire Repair Spray

Kingstar Tire Repair Spray is suitable for use on all cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. In cases such as untimely tire puncture, you can use it immediately and both repair and inflate your tire. If you want to sell Kingstar Tire Repair Spray wholesale, we will be happy to assist you as Yiğit Auto Accesory.


Rubber Writing Pen

Our rubber marker product makes the unclear lettering on your tires noticeable. Thus, you will get a more sporty look in your vehicle. Retouch pen is enough for four tires and stays for about a year as long as it is used correctly. You can contact us for wholesale Rubber Writing Pen.


Kingstar Indicating Tire Air Gauge

Kingstar Indicating Tire Air Gauge, or Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, has a portable design because it is small. It helps you get an accurate and fast measurement and has a rubber handle. It is also suitable for night use. If you want to wholesale Kingstar Gauge Tire Air Gauge / Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, you can contact us.

Kingstar Caliper Cover Range

Kingstar Caliper Cover is an auto accessory designed and manufactured to hide the brake caliper. With the Kingstar Caliper Cover, it is possible to change the caliper's appearance without the need for an expensive brake overhaul. Various colors are available in our store named Yiğit Oto Aksesuar. If you want to wholesale, you can contact us.


Metal Body Air Compressor

Metral body air compressor is a mechanical auto spare part that generates compressed air energy by absorbing and compressing the air energy that circulates freely outside with suction. With the compressed air it produces, it meets the air energy requirement of all the air system spare parts in the car. If you want to sell wholesale metal body air compressors, as Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we will be pleased to help you.


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