Car electronic accessories, quality and the most appropriate modules, their age, all LED lighting tools with internal and external camera systems Kingstar Turkey meets you with a difference. For example; Kingstar Turkey American Parks module called electronic circuits, when you give your continuous illumination and signal with your parking lights signal lights, be aware of your signal cuts off the direct current format allows you to work on your signal lights. Let Kingstar Turkey Day / Day of the Light, as well as providing a stylish image, it allows the car's headlights switched off even the attention. It is also called elastic daytime led, daytime running light with sliding signal, L type daytime led, daytime running light. Kingstar Turkey Fog Lamp is a lighting products at the bottom of the car's headlights. Available in 6 cm, 9cm, square, round and oval types. It is used to illuminate the road and provide a more comfortable view on foggy days. They are divided into two groups as vehicle specific and universal fog lamps. Kingstar Turkey Foot Six Music Sensitive LED / Led atmosphere, thanks to audio sensors visualize the changing color according to the rhythm of music. It has 9 LEDs and is mounted under the dashboard of the vehicle.

Kingstar Turkey Torpedo Leti is a lighting system located in the vehicle. It is the original of today's new cars. It draws electricity the vehicle by being squeezed between the doors, inside the handles, and between the torpedoes and provides a stylish appearance in interior lighting. There are color varieties such as red, orange, blue, ice blue and white. Kingstar Turkey plain Led Lights Above, simply assembled outside the vehicle headlights. This product, which normally gives the color of daylight, creates a light visual rhythmically when the signal is given. Electronic accessories such as these have a positive effect on the appearance of your vehicle.

Affordable and high quality auto electronic products meet you with the difference of Yiğit Group. You can reach Wholesale Auto Electronics Accessories products with the difference of Yiğit Group. We have a dealership system. With its wide sales and service network throughout the country, Kingstar Auto Electronics can visit us to closely examine its products. You can also contact by making a dealership application.

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