Car Cosmetics

Don't be daunted by the maintenance of your car. By solving some of them easily with very practical products, you can save both material and time. For example Kingstar Turkey wax polish to fix scratches, Kingstar Turkey conditioner cleaning spray to clean the air conditioning, Kingstar Turkey tire cleaning spray for the maintenance of tires Kingstar Turkey seat cleaning spray to clean chairs, not to cause scratching while trying to clean your car if Kingstar Turkey microfiber cloth at hand Among the must-have. One of the biggest mistakes made when trying to maintain the hygiene of leather upholstery and seat covers is to use conventional in-car detergents. In such a case, if it is not done quickly and thoroughly, the remnants of that detergent will deform on the skin when in contact with the sun. Kingstar produced exclusively for cleaning upholstery leather upholstery Turkey temizel diluted through the spray structure and provided with special formula and hygiene, as well as not distort the inside of your vehicle.



Kingstar Microfiber Cloth & Towels

Kingstar microfiber cloths consist of threads that are thinned in layers even hair strands. You can gently clean your car with Kingstar cloths and towels. No scratches will occur. You can contact us to sell Kingstar microfiber cloths and towels wholesale. As Yiğit Group, we would like to communicate with you.



Stac Tar, Insect & Resin Remover Spray

Do not place your car under trees etc. When you park normally, your car will have traces of resin. Insect and tar traces are stains that occur in every car but increase over time and must be cleaned. Because if these stains are ignored, the paint of the car will wear out. Since the Stac tar, insect and resin remover spray has a permanent effect for 60 days in the area where it is applied, that area does not hold stains for 60 days and cleans difficult stains safely. If you want to sell wholesale Stac tar, insect and resin cleaner spray, you can contact us. As Yiğit Group, we are happy to assist you.



Stac Paste Color Polisher

Stac paste paint and polish protect the treated parts water. It protects the materials corrosion and revitalizes them. It is 250 mL and its color is red. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we are pleased to offer you Stac paste paint and polish produced in high quality standards in Italy. You can contact us to obtain this product for wholesale.



Kingstar Glass Cleaner & Protective Products

Cleaning the tiny scratches we see inside, outside or when the sun hits, stains on the windows of our car, bird pings, etc., should not become a nightmare anymore. However, scratches on the glass are not the only concern of car owners. As you know, the windows keep fog and make the vision difficult. Stac Plastic Anti-Fog spray is also ideal for this solution and is available in our shop. You can contact us to get more information about Glass Cleaner and Protector products, which we are sure to surprise you when you look at their high quality, price performance and which are highly recyclable, and to obtain them for wholesale.



Our Brake Pad Cleaner Sprays

Brake pad cleaner sprays are used to remove dirt, dust, oil, grease and other sticky contaminants disc and drum brakes, clutch linings and other metal surfaces. Börfh Brake Lining Cleaning Spray and Stac Brake Lining Cleaning Spray are available in our store. Both of them are of high quality in terms of price and performance, and they surprise our customers. You can contact us to get more information about brake pad cleaner sprays and to purchase them for wholesale. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, you can be sure that we will help you.



Kingstar In-Vehicle Cleaning & Protection Products

For a healthy and more peaceful journey, keeping the interior of the car clean and well-groomed is as important as keeping the engine accents clean and well-maintained. In addition to being one of the elements that should never be disrupted in car interior cleaning and maintenance, it is also challenging and takes time. With Kingstar in-car care and cleaning sprays, this is no longer a nightmare. In order to reach an effective solution in a short time, you can make your seats shiny with Kingstar Sofa / Upholstery / Leather Cleaning Spray, which has high quality standards at an affordable price, and you can easily clean all kinds of plastic surfaces with Kingstar Milk Torpedo Cleaner Spray. You can contact us for more information about our Kingstar Car Cleaning & Protection products and to wholesale them.



Kingstar Winter Pack Content

It is now very easy to protect your car, which meets your needs, carries you, and offers various possibilities, harsh conditions in winter. You should prepare your car for winter in order to avoid possible problems by completing winter maintenance. You don't need to waste time searching for various products, trying to piece together the pieces or noticing the missing hole and then bothering with it. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we have brought all kinds of winter car care products you will need for the winter maintenance of your car to a car. You can keep this package in your baggage and put it at hand for immediate use when needed. Kingstar winter package includes Kingstar Antifreeze, Kingstar Battery Booster Cable (600 amp, 800 amp, 1000amp, 1200 amp), Kingstar Antifreeze Auto Glass Water, Kingstar Microfiber Cloth. You can contact us to find out more about Kingstar Winter Pack content and to purchase for wholesale.



Stac Air Conditioner Cleaner Spray

The cleanliness of our car's air conditioner is of great importance for human health. The clean air we breathe is directly proportional to the cleanliness of the air conditioner while inside the car. Stac Air Conditioning Cleaning Spray cleans the bacteria and germs formed in the air conditioner over time and provides disinfection. In addition, unlike other air conditioning cleaning products, it prevents bad odors and enables a more effective use of the air conditioning system. Produced in Italy with high quality standards, Stac Air Conditioning Cleaning Spray not only in your car, but also in your home, office, etc. You can also use it in your air conditioner and get effective results. You can contact us to purchase Stac Air Conditioning Cleaning Spray for wholesale.



Our Engine Cleaner and Protective Products


We all know how important it is to have a clean and well-maintained engine. Kingstar Engine Cleaner and Polisher Spray not only easily removes heavy and tough dirt, but also polishes motory. Since its formula does not contain silicon, it does not leave any residue on the surface. Kingstar Engine Cleaner and Polisher Spray should be sprayed 20 cm the surface and rinsed with plenty of water after the dirt has dissolved. Designed in the form of a spray, the spray penetrates even the hardest-to-reach surfaces on your car engine. Another feature of Kingstar Engine Cleaner and Polisher Spray is that it provides cleaning without damaging soft tissue areas such as plastic, rubber and painted surfaces. As Yiğit Group, you can contact us to get information about this product and more or to do wholesale.



Auto Fragrance Products

Our jar fragrance products are one of our very elegant and non-suffocating fragrance products. We have Jolly, Schöler branded fragrances. If you want to provide supply for wholesale, you can contact us. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we are happy to offer our fragrance products in various flavors to your service.

You can also obtain our Jolly brand fragrance product, which has various flavors and can be fixed on the grill, for wholesale by contacting us.

We have brought together various fragrance products various brands, including woody, tropical aromas, taking into account our quality standards. You can contact us to get the fragrance product you want to supply quickly and easily for wholesale.

In addition to these kinds of fragrances, we also have products in spray form. You can be sure that if you put it in the torpedo and squeeze a whisper when you need it, it will satisfy you.




Paste and polish are two processes that complement each other. The paste provides thinning of the paint coating on the car surface. If there are scratches and small deformations on the surface of your vehicle due to various external factors, paste polish can be applied instead of painting the car. Our paste and polish products both shine and protect the surface of your car. The polish you apply to your car creates a transparent and thin layer on the surface. Thus, it makes your car look brighter. You can contact us if you want to wholesale our paste-polish and other care products that will surprise you when you look at the price performance. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we also have after-sales service.



Auto Radiator

The radiator system cools the excess heat in the engine and enables the engine to run efficiently, preventing it overheating. In other words, the radiator ensures that the engine works flawlessly by adjusting the ideal fluid. Since the engine is the most important part of your car, the auto radiator that directly affects the engine should be ed very carefully and with research. You can contact us to get our auto radiator product that will surprise you in terms of price performance. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, we will be pleased to assist you in matters such as wholesale and after-sales service.



Kingstar Auto Shampoo

Kingstar car shampoo is not harmful to hands due to its neutral pH and has a low foam ratio. Glossy components create an adverse interaction with the substances that produce the foam. For this reason, you can recognize a quality auto shampoo its foaming rate. Kingstar Turkey aim our brand, our last point in your vehicle when you use your car to get a cleaning product, shampoo and the first day shine. You can contact us for wholesale Kingstar Auto Shampoo sales.



Kingstar Detailed Car Care Set

Keeping your vehicle clean and well-maintained is what we think is most important but time consuming. Often times we are too lazy to take the time to clean our vehicle. We have prepared a set of Kingstar care and cleaning sprays for you to have all the care products at hand, so keeping your car well-maintained and clean is not a nightmare. Instead of buying these care products that include Kingstar Wheel Cleaning Spray, Kingstar Cockpit Cleaning Spray, Kingstar Rim Polisher Spray, Kingstar Engine Cleaning Spray, Kingstar Auto Liquid Polish and Kingstar Bumper Refresh Spray, you will always save money by choosing this set, as well as a complete In this way, you can obtain the most important care products at once. If you want to sell wholesale Kingstar Care Set, you can contact us. As Yiğit Oto Aksesuar, you can be sure that we will provide you with the most affordable price and maximum quality service.



Kingstar Auto Bumper Polisher Spray

Kingstar Car Bumper Polisher Spray is 500 mL and cleans and polishes exterior parts such as fading and discolored bumpers and fenders and provides you with the first-day look. It is water-based, oil and silicone free. You can also use Kingstar Car Bumper Polish for tire care. Its price is more affordable than other brands and it is the most assertive product in the market in terms of quality. If you want to wholesale Kingstar Auto Tapmon Shine Spray, you can contact us.



Kingstar Torpedo Polisher Milk Silicone


Kingstar Auto Torpedo Cleaner / Polisher Spray is 500 mL. It is a snow-white lotion and brightens the interior with its renewed unique formula. It does not cause any damage to the console and does not cause any deformation. You can put it in the torpedo, use it immediately when needed and wipe it with a microfiber cloth to ensure the cleanliness and brightness of the torpedo. Thus, you avoid breathing the dust on the torpedo. You can contact us if you want to supply or wholesale Kingstar Torpedo Polisher Milk, which is one of our products with affordable price and top quality.

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