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Our company has started its activities in the plastics manufacturing industry and accessories industry in 1981, in the field of auto accessories to the wholesale marketing efforts directed in 1987 and continues today with the number of active dealers in 1000 covered all over Turkey.

It was institutionalized in 1995 under the name of "Yiğit Otomotiv". Our company sells accessories - tuning, maintenance products, tires and rims, interior accessories, exterior accessories, audio systems, electronic products. Working hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 19:30, Saturday 09:00 - 16:00.

You Are Invited to Our 6 November 2020 Event
Join the event that we will organize in honor of meeting our new office and warehouse.
See You In Our New Office
In order to increase our service quality, we move our head office and warehouse in Yedpa.
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Why is the Dash Camera Important?
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Kingstar Wise Led Xenon
Kingstar Wise Led Xenon, which is the top segment of Kingstar Turkey Led Xenon varieties, is in stock!
Thanks to Kingstar 4D Car Mat, Your Car is Both Comfortable And Stylish!
Kingstar 4D Mats, which we are assertive about quality, manufactured under the most healthy conditions and will completely change the air of your car, is at your service at Yiğit Group.
Special Discounts for Company Openings
Fill your new shop with the most advantageous prices right now!
What is Chip Tuning, the New Curiosity of Car Fans?
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Turkey Kingstar Vehicle suction cup to your vehicle with solid technique Pitbull!
Turkey Kingstar Vehicle suction cup Torpedo ornamental Visit our website to get information about the Pitbull Ornament
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